Something happened last Friday that left me mouth open. It was a usual day in the office with my colleagues, working and helping our clients until we heard noises from outside. I was left guessing what the noise was, it sounded like protests but I did not mind because I was serving a client. After the client left I went to check what the protest was about and who had organized it. To my surprise I saw some children, school children for that matter. They were carrying leaves and shouting all over the town. This is not the first time this has happened and the trend seems to be going upwards and doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. This should and is worrying to everybody of age and anybody who understands the diplomacy.
If you ask me, this ‘style’ was adopted from the older generation who are seen on the media more often than not protesting. The children therefore adopt this without having any knowledge what they are doing. Something else that got me worrying is, I saw a few grown-ups with them. This has to stop, what are the children learning from you? What becomes of them when they grow up? We are raising a generation which we are not sure we will like and yet we will condemn them in future. I see teachers going on the streets due to salary issues, which may be justified, but this is not justified. We have to rethink how to resolve issues in a much easy, simple and respectable manner which does not disturb the peace. There has to be another way but DO NOT put the children on the streets PLEASE.


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