Relax and have some fun

Many times in life we focus too much on what we are doing or what we are supposed to be doing that we forget to live. It is important that we do what we do for our day to day living and sticking to our schedules but it is also important to live. Let me expound on what I mean by living; according to my dictionary, living means the experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities. These events and activities are what you go about in day to day life and some that you may not be undergoing through at the moment. For most of us, we work during weekdays or go to school for the five days, the weekends therefore are usually a relaxing time and most of us take that time to sleep all day. Some are lucky to have side jobs which they do on weekends but that is beside the point.

What this article is about though is letting lose, having time for yourself and your body, having a little fun and enjoying what life has to offer; that is what I mean by the word living. When I say letting go and having fun many people think of drinking and partying. Well it is not bad to do all that because it is your choice but there’s more to the word fun than all that. Fun is engaging in activities that are enjoyable and amusing, things that make you happy and those that you like doing. You have to indulge yourself in activities and events that make you happy, allow yourself to laugh, be silly sometimes, that’s what life is about, being free and being yourself. You have to find the things that you enjoy doing and also be open to learn new activities that you may be interested in.

Somebody once told me you can’t have fun alone, well that couldn’t be any false. Fun shared is fun enjoyed, so you need to find the people that enjoy doing the same activities and attending the same events as you. Sometimes you even need to meet new people that may possibly show you what you’ve been missing or new ways to do the activities you enjoy. This is important because it gives you somebody to share the memories with and adds more information to your cabinet. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things, experience new events, take an adventure and most of all conquer your fears. Fear makes most people afraid of trying new things, meeting new people and having fun. Do not fear to be yourself, don’t let what other people think of you stop you from having fun and being who you really are.

I would personally recommend that you should try outdoor activities. Outdoor activities have a wide range to choose from; they include swimming, skating, playing, visiting new places, being in a stadium watching live games etc. I recently learnt that people rarely visit simple places like museums, amusement parks, archives, historical places, animal parks and zoos, just to name but a few. These places put you in a whole different environment away from your usual day to day life. From these activities you get to meet people of different cultures and learn something from them and probably teach them something new. Have you ever gone for a picnic? Well its time you went for one, picnics are such nice activity to do with your partner or with some friends.

There are a lot of benefits to having fun and doing activities out of the formal ranging from health to social benefits. It generally broadens your view of life and the people you meet or may have met before. So let lose, have fun, enjoy what life has to offer and most important start living.

It is important to note that what you may consider as fun may not be safe for you. Please take caution as your safety is paramount, some ways of having fun are not worth the risk so find an activity that you are comfortable with and can take charge of the consequences.

I wish you happy Easter holidays and have fun.

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3 thoughts on “Relax and have some fun

  1. Congratulations buddy! The treatise is very educative and i really like it. It is so fun to unleash this kind of potential. I didn’t know!… It will take u far, just be consistent with it

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